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Workshop Variation of Cohomology:

D-Modules, Monodromy and Arithmetic

September 14th-16th, University Bayreuth



From September 14th to 16th the workshop, organiced by Duco van Straten and Michael Dettweiler, takes place at the University Bayreuth. We welcome graduated students within the DFG priority project "Algorithmic and Experimental Methods in Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory" SPP 1489 and a general audience interested in the topic.

Variations of cohomology groups arise in many different areas of mathematics, varying from mathematical physics (e.g. mirror symmetry) to motives in the Dwork family. The workshop intends to bring together the various aspects of this topic - D-modules, Hodge-theory, monodromy and arithmetic.




Last Update: 27.05.2011
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