Universität Bayreuth



Wednesday, 14th Thursday, 15th Friday, 16th
9:15 Hossein Movasati
Halphen-type equations attached to Calabi-Yau equations
Claude Sabbah
Non-commutative Hodge structures
Frits Beukers
Monodromy of A-hypergeometric functions
10:15 Michael Bogner
Construction of differential Calabi-Yau operators.
Christian Sevenheck
Hypergeometric D-modules, Landau-Ginzburg models and the Radon transformation
Joerg Hofmann
Numerical approximation of the monodromy representation of Lamé and Calabi-Yau differential equations
11:15 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
11:35 Stefan Wewers
An algorithmic approach to semistable reduction
Sergey Galkin
Apery classes and Gamma conjectures
Irene Bouw
Differential equations with integral coefficient arising from Teichmueller curves.
12:35 Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break
14:30 Viktor Levandovskyy
D-modules-driven Stratifications of Affine Spaces
Bettina Eick
Cohomology of finite p-groups and coclass theory
15:30 Coffee break Coffee break
16:00 Marco Hien
Fourier transform and Stokes structures
Pavel Metelitsyn
17:30 Conference dinner
Buffet in NWII

All talks will be in building for applied computer science (AI) in room H34 (campus map).






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